The Government of New Brunswick has developed a new curriculum framework that all daycare centres in the province must follow.  It is a child-directed, play-based curriculum that looks at developing the child based on four key components: well-being, physical activity, communication and diversity.  The activities we plan will be based on the interests of the child.  The children will pick a topic and we will explore that topic to its fullest and then move on to something new.  Each activity will allow the children to express their own uniqueness.  The process for each idea/concept that the children come up with is to: Plan—Implement—Observe—Document—Think--  and so on.  Each child will have a “Learning Story” binder that will give you an opportunity to see what your child has learned over the year.  You will have access to that binder at any time.  You will receive a “Calendar of Events” each month letting you know what outings we have planned or parks we may be visiting.  We follow the Anglophone New Brunswick Curriculum Framework, which can be found online here. We provide Services in English.