Vacation and Absences

Each family at Home with a Heart, Kidzone, Kreative Kids will have 2 weeks vacation per calendar year in which they are not responsible to pay for child care fees. Families need to be here for a minimum of 6 months to qualify to use vacation time.  These weeks will need to be booked with the office at least 1 month ahead of time. 

You are financially responsible for your child’s space at our centre, regardless of his/her attendance.  If your child is unable to attend the centre due to illness, you are still responsible to pay regular daily/weekly fees.   

Storm Policy 

The centre will close during a storm when Codiac Transit pulls their buses off the roads.  We will open when they are in operation(if before 1 pm). Please listen to the radio and/or watch Social Network sites to see what Codiac Transpo is doing.

If they are not in operation, then we are closed.  If bus service is delayed, whatever time they are set to go back in operation is when we will be opening.  If they are set to go back on the roads at 1pm or later, we will remain closed.      

Daycare Closures

The centre will be closed the following days:

We also close for 2 Professional Development Days, one in the Fall and one in the Spring.  Notice will be given well in advance.