Home with a Heart Inclusion Policy

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a quality child care center where children of all abilities can learn and develop through play.  We promote acceptance, positive images/relationships and healthy lifestyles in a warm, safe and inclusive environment.  Our indoor and outdoor areas are arranged in a manner that allows children to move freely and to make choices based on their interests, needs and abilities. We accept and welcome children and families of all abilities.  Our programs support the full inclusion of children who require additional support due to a physical, cognitive, emotional or social need.

Support for Families

We strive to provide access to child care services for all families.  We understand that families need to have the ability to work/attend school and offer them peace of mind by providing programs that include all children.  We respect and value each family and encourage them to be part of the decision making process for their child(ren).  We will support each family by reaching out to other professionals and creating partnerships with them to gain valuable knowledge in meeting the developmental needs of each child. 

Support for Early Childhood Educators

We continue to learn with and from all children and families to gain a better understanding and appreciation of individual differences.  We understand that our skills will be strengthened by working with a variety of abilities.  All Early Childhood Educators at Home with a Heart will receive professional development opportunities in current areas of child development, research, theory and practice.  We are committed to learning more about inclusion as part of our annual training plan.  We will work closely with Early Intervention Professionals to provide what is required/needed to meet the needs of all children and families.

Additional Information

Home with a Heart has one building that is wheelchair accessible.  All support services will need to be in place before the child starts.  If the support worker is unavailable to work, the child will not be able to attend.  We reserve the right to limit the enrollment of children with exceptionalities to 10% of total enrollment.